Current Projects

Humor Preferences on Twitter

We are performing an experiment on humor preferences using Twitter content.  If you would like to take part in our research, you can fill out our survey here (approx 5 min). The ratings will help us determine which broad and specific factors influence humor appreciation among various groups of people. Thanks!

Sexual Selection

Having “sense of humor” is a desired trait when evaluating a partner for romantic pursuit. But “sense of humor” is pretty vague. Even Joseph Stalin got a few laughs every now and again. Is there a style of humor that is more attractive than others? Is the ability to make someone laugh more important than other traits, such as socio-economic status or physical appearance? Luckily, in the age of the internet, all of these aspects are quantifiable.

Offensive Humor

People (on the internet, mostly) love to argue about whether certain jokes or subjects are too offensive to be funny. We are examining inflammatory language used by people on different platforms, and how that influences reception or rejection of humor. Humor is a tool for communication, thus we will also investigate how “offensive” humor affects social dynamics. Are people taking on power structures or perpetuating them?

Gender Differences in Comedy

Have you heard the one about how men and women are different? There is a reason that premise is so pervasive: because women be different!  We are looking into gender disparities in comedy performance and reception. Language trends, representation on shows, who wore it best? We aim to find out where this glass ceiling might be and whether it is breakable.

Comedian Demographics

Comics seem to be a rare breed of human. Who ARE these people? If you are one, let us know!


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